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All leading ballet schools & companies in the UK, such as the Royal Ballet, have recently

developed Healthier Dancer programs in order to invest in their dancers' health and 


In addition to their conventional ballet training, dancers train in Pilates, PBT and

Strength and Conditioning to build strength and flexibility and avoid injuries while 

maximising their performance potential.

Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative exercise program, designed

specifically to improve dancers' strength, posture and ballet technique.

It is endorsed by schools worldwide.

Pilates is part of the curriculum of all professional dance schools in the UK and 

helps dancers learn fundamental principles of alignment and breath, while

developing strength and flexibility with particular emphasis on the core.

In these classes, Elina will be teaching some of her favourite PBT and Pilates

exercises, underpinned by embodied anatomy and imagery and supported by

own education in Ballet, Pilates, Gyrokinesis, Yoga and Dance Science. 

Private or small group Progressing Ballet Technique/ Pilates classes are

available upon request. Classes can be 20 minutes to 30 minutes depending

on age and availability. 

Please note, the fit ball you work with needs to be the appropriate size for your


  • up to 1,42– 45cm ball

  • 1,42 to 1,60 – 55cm ball

  • 1,60 to 1,78 – 65cm ball

  • 1,78 to  – 1,93 – 75cm ball



Progressing Ballet Technique Classes &

Pilates for Dancers

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