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Welwyn/ Hatfield Festival of Dance


14/15th, 21st/22nd, 28th/29th JANUARY AND 4th/5th Feb 2023

Venue: Ridgeway Academy, Herns Lane, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 2AF 

Sanaya 10yrs 

Sunday 22nd January, Class 19, 11:25am, B Character Solo 


Sanaya 10yrs

Sunday 22nd January, Class 21, 12:20, B Ballet Solo 

Alesia 9yrs 

Sunday 22nd January, Class 23, 2:25pm, B Ballet Solo


Alesia and Ana Duet 6&up

Sunday 22nd January, Class 14, 9:00am, Pre Junior Ballet Duet 


Eva 7yrs 

Sunday 22nd January, Class 15, 9:40am, A Ballet Solo


Eva 7yrs 

Sunday 22nd January, Class 20, 12:00pm, A Character Solo


Olanie 11yrs

Sunday 29th January, Class 44, 9:55am, C Ballet Solo 


Olanie 11 yrs

Sunday 29th January, Class 48, 12:05pm, C Character Solo


Ana 9yrs 

Sunday 22nd January, Class 23, 2:25pm, B Ballet Solo 

Ana 9 yrs

Sunday 22nd January, Class 24, 3:15pm, B Character Solo 


Tiara 12yrs 

Sunday 29th January, Class 46, 11:15am, C Ballet Solo

Tiara 12yrs

Sunday 29th January, Class 51, 2:50, C Character Solo


Nina 13yrs 

Sunday 29th January, Class 53, 3:45, D Ballet Solo


Alicia 9yrs 

Sunday 22nd January, Class 23 2:25, B Ballet Solo 9yrs


Alicia 9 yrs 

Sunday 22nd January, Class 24, 3:15, B Character Solo


Hope 9yrs 

Sunday 22nd January, Class 24, 3:15, B Character Solo

Please read below:




1.1 Welwyn Hatfield Festival is concerned about the welfare and safety of all its participants and will

do everything possible to create an ethos in which children feel secure.

1.2 The Committee will ensure that

 all members of the Festival team, who will wear identifying badges, are aware of the

Safeguarding Policy procedures

 appropriate support is provided to all members of the team

1.3 This Policy relates to children under the age of 18 years and those vulnerable adults of any age who

are identified to the Festival Committee prior to their arrival at the festival.


2.1.1 It is our policy to inform and involve parents/guardians/carers and teachers in order to ensure, as far

as it is reasonably practical, a safe environment at the festival.

2.1.2 Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that performers under 18 have adequate supervision

at all time in dressing rooms and front of house areas.

2.1.3 Once in the wings of the stage, performers will be supervised by festival personnel, who have been

voluntarily checked through the Criminal Records Bureau. Additionally, there will be theatre staff

on duty backstage during all performances.

2.1.4 There will be female and male changing rooms. In addition we will be providing a family changing



3.1.1 If any member of Festival team has concerns about the welfare of a child he or she must inform the

Secretary or other member of the Committee immediately.

3.2 The team member must record information regarding their concerns on the same day. The recording

must be a clear, precise, factual account.

3.3 The Secretary will decide what action needs to be taken and may seek advice from appropriate

agencies. Confidentiality must be observed.


4.1.1 The Secretary will make brief notes as soon as possible after any incident and retain these,

confidentially and securely, for future reference.


5.1.1 The Safeguarding Policy will be included in the programme along with Welwyn Hatfield Rules

5.1.2 We will constantly review our policy in line with legislation and good working practices.


Welwyn Hatfield Festival of Dance – RULES.


1. Competitors must be of stipulated age on 1st SEPTEMBER 2021. A birth certificate may be

requested should a query as to age be brought to the attention of the Festival Organisers.

2. In Duets, Trios, Quartets, and Groups the routine must be entered in the age of the oldest


3. Schools may enter only numbers taught by their own teachers.

4. Competitors may dance in only ONE item per section, apart from groups. At the Organisers’

discretion, a substitute in a duet or trio section may be allowed due to illness.

5. Time limits will be strictly enforced. The timing of numbers will start as soon as the music begins.

Marks will be forfeited if the number overruns. Time limits are detailed in the Schedule. (NO

musical bows, except for groups.)

6. All competitors must report backstage at least 10 minutes before the start of their section and hand

in their CD’s at least 1 hour before the section. Any entrant not complying with this rule may not be

allowed to dance.

7. Entry fees are not refundable UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

8. Trophies and cups awarded must be returned no later than the first day of the Festival in a clean

and good condition. Failure to comply with this rule will result in any future trophy being withheld.

9. No vocals allowed on backing CD’s in Song and Dance Sections. Competitors may sing only in

Song and Dance Sections.

10. CD’s will be played on theatre equipment by Festival personnel. The Organisers cannot be held

responsible for faulty CD’s or CD’s incorrectly or not clearly marked. CD’s should be marked with

the competitor’s name and cued ready to play. TWO CD’s WOULD BE ADVISABLE. The festival

does not accept liability for the infringement of copyright, recording or performing rights arising

out of any competitor’s accompaniment, choreography or performance.

11. The stage and stage wings are out of bounds for all except authorised persons and competitors about

to perform. Authorised persons include one assistant from each school who may accompany

children in Pre-Junior Classes (under 7years). One authorised person may also accompany older

competitors for the sole purpose of wardrobe or props. If the teacher is unable to be there, the

Organisers should be informed of the teacher’s nominee. All must display that an entry ticket has

been purchased.

12. Certificates will be awarded for ALL PRE-JUNIORS ONLY. There will be no certificates on


13. Medals will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and trophies will be awarded at the

discretion of the adjudicator. THE ADJUDICATOR’S DECISION IS FINAL.


14. Competitors, teachers and parents may not approach the Adjudicator’s table at any time.

15. Children, whether competitors or spectators, must be kept under control, if not, they will be asked

to leave the theatre. (This applies to all parts of the premises.)

16. We would like to bring to your notice that the audience must remain silent while competitors are

performing and clapping applause is quite sufficient for every competitor. We would be most

grateful if you would inform your pupils and parents of this rule.

17. We will endeavour to provide a Family Room but this is not always possible.

18. Absolutely no food or drink to be taken into the Auditorium. Anyone not abiding by this rule will

be asked to leave.

19. The Organisers reserve the right to adjust the sections depending upon the number of entries, a

section with fewer than three entries may be cancelled and the fees refunded.

20. The Organisers reserve the right to amend the Rules as and when it is considered necessary for the

benefit of the Festival.

21. The Organisers do not allow dancing for a Mark.

22. Photography, filming, video or tape recording and the use of mobile phones during any

performance are prohibited.

23. Competitors are advised that they should arrive at the venue one hour before they are due to dance

as sections may occasionally run early.


Welwyn Hatfield Festival of Dance


General Data Protection Regulation Policy - GDPR


The Welwyn Hatfield Festival of Dance (Registered Charity No1040350) is a competitive festival

for the performing arts, run by volunteers and registered with the Charity Commission.

WHFOD is a member of the British & International Federation of Festivals and affiliated to All England


We promise:-

1. To keep your data safe and private.

2. Not to sell your data.

3. Not to share with third parties without your specific permission.

Collecting you information.

We obtain your information when you:

1. Register an entry to the festival using our online entry system.

2. Volunteer at the festival.

3. Are engaged as an Adjudicator at the festival.

4. Ask us for further information about the festival.

The Personal Information that we collect.

The information we collect:-

1. Your name, address, Phone number, date of birth and email address

2. Your contact with us (email, text message, WhatsApp the list in endless)

Using your personal information.

1. Names and ages will be published in the festival programme.

Sharing your personal information.

1. Apart from the festival programme, we will not share your personal information with a third party

without your specific permission.

Keeping your personal information secure.

1. Access to your personal information will be restricted to those personnel who administer the

festival. WHFOD will store your information for 12 months following the end of the festival. So

that we can send the following year’s syllabus. Please be aware that communications over the

internet are not secure unless they have been encrypted. We cannot accept responsibility of any

unauthorised access or loss of personal information that is beyond our control.

Please be aware, submitting your entry’s (online entry system) to participate in Welwyn Hatfield Festival

of Dance you are agreeing and accepting the above policy.

WHFD 2024 – AED Qualifier :-


13/14th ,    20/21st & 27/28th January 2024 – Ridgeway Academy, WGC


3/4th February 2024 – The Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage.


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