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By enrolling, you agree to the following terms and conditions. 

Please read carefully.


  • Students will need to attend a grade for a minimum of 4 terms, to be eligible for an exam. 


  • It is recommended that children take two classes per week – Syllabus/Grade Work plus Conditioning and Stretching/ Classical Non Syllabus. This enables students to pick up non-set ballet vocabulary, essential for auditions and often required by the Royal Academy of Dance, and strengthens their technique and presentation.


  • Students from Grade 1+ should take more than one class weekly if they wish to be considered for an Exam or Class Award. 


  • Students from Grade 3+ should take two terms of exam coaching if they wish to be considered for an Exam or Class Award. 


  • Pupils are entered for Royal Academy of Dance examinations and are expected to attend twice weekly plus extra coaching during the term in which the examination will take place.


  • Pupils may not attend classes at any other ballet school unless referred by Elina – e.g. Royal Ballet School Associates, London Junior Ballet.


  • Term fees must be paid in full before the start of term on the date provided on the invoice, regardless of attendance. Missed classes are not refundable but can be made up where possible upon arrangement.  


  • If you cannot pay the fees before or on the start of term you must let Elina know before the start of term so that, where possible, an alternative arrangement can be made. 


  • Pupils are automatically assumed to be continuing all their classes from term to term and year to year.


  • Notice of withdrawal of a child must be given in writing five weeks before the end of term or the fees for the following term are payable in full in lieu of notice. 


  • We cannot refund fees in case of cancellation beyond our control (for example, adverse weather conditions, personal illness).

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